Young Person’s Service

What is a young carer?

Harrow Carers provides bespoke services for young people between the ages of 11 to 17.

That means you are a young carer if you are 11-17 years old, and are providing unpaid care for a person that has a physical or mental health problem including autism, dementia and learning disabilities, or is dependent due to age, substance misuse or long-term illness. It is strange to think of yourself as a carer for the first time, but knowing that there’s a whole community of young people facing the same day-to-day issues together with support organisations like Harrow Carers, can be very reassuring! The vast majority our young carers register with us for different reasons, and that’s because each personal circumstance and caring role is different e.g. cooking, cleaning, giving medication, emotional support).

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“Mum is not available some of the time as she works far away and I need to care for my little brother who has ADHD and Autism”

Young Person's Service

What effect can this have?

Being a young carer can actually have very positive effects on a young person. The young people we work with often report that they are incredibly proud of what they do, that it makes them feel closer to their family and that they feel more mature and better able to cope with problems they may face in life. However, there can clearly be negative effects, as many of these children effectively give up their childhoods:

  • Loneliness, social isolation or bullying
  • Feelings that can’t cope and want to run away
  • Undue stress, worry and anxiety
  • Feelings of resentment and consequent guilt
  • Under achievement in school
  • Physical impact (e.g. exhaustion, back pain)
  • Reduction in overall life chances

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There are many barriers to young carers meeting the 5 outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda.

A young carer can be considered a child in need, and at the higher end, excessive caring roles mean they are at risk of significant harm. “A young carer becomes vulnerable when the level of care-giving and responsibility to the person in need of care becomes excessive or inappropriate for that child, risking impacting on his or her emotional or physical well being or educational achievement and life chances”

“Sometimes it stresses me out I can’t always hang out with friends other times I am glad as I can be there for him”

What does the young carers project do?

We aim to reduce the caring burden on young carers 11-17yrs olds. We do this in a variety of ways:

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“I have built a lot of skills from young carers and built my self-esteem, confidence levels and been able to make new friends who are able to understand situations.”

Get involved:

To register, email and attach a completed self assessment or professional referral form.
Or call Nisha or Amanda on 020 8868 5224.

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